Why “f3rr3t”?

I like ferrets, even though I haven’t met many in person. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say “the idea of ferret”: their inquisitive nature, their propensity to dive down burrows, and of course fur.

But can’t you spell?

Oh yes, numeral 3. It’s leetspeak lite.

I have used the name f3rr3t for years as a pseudonym and gamertag.

It is also the name of my github account.

The software stack that powers F3rr3t.com

Half of the purpose of this site is to explore and document a working ‘stack’ of technologies that comprise a working website, here is some info about the stack itself.

Basic website

Farmcam toolchain

  • Rasberry pi with camera
  • Automated syncing of photos to F3rr3t.com
  • Display of photos

About the author

Stephen Pratt keeps a couple of other websites:

  • St33v.com, “Adventures in business”
  • [Calamia.com.au]